A wise scholar once said that silence is golden. It’s hard to argue. Ever since man has decided to increase their efforts in the preservation of the world’s ecosystems, great inventions and innovations have come forth. One is the recent launch of a £1.2m eco-yacht that is designed to be silent. It glides through the waters being so silent. No more loud and revving engines that disturb the peace of the waters. Now, it is possible to fantasize of a future without diesel and natural oils successfully running luxurious yachts.

This eco- yacht was designed by the smart Heike and Michael Köhler and the awesome creation was realized by the famous Austrian shipyard Silent Yachts. It is a silent 55ft-long E-power yacht that is designed to produce more than 10kW and run over 100 miles in one day. Its source of power is 30 solar panels that are on the rooftop. It is definitely one that is going to shake up the world of sailing folks. Its cruising speed can go up to 20 knots when in short bursts but 12 knots is the official speed, well worth the solar battery storage system cost.

Not only do the solar panels power the electric motors and the lithium batteries without being noisy, but they also power other domestic appliances within the yacht. This makes the hatch be so silent when on the move. In the case where dark weather happens to go for long, a backup generator can be used to charge the batteries. This keeps the use of fuel very low. It is safe to say that this vessel is totally self-dependent especially during sunny days. It is slightly dependent on fuel only during dire situations like prolonged dark days.

Domestic appliances such as air conditioning work very well despite being fully powered by solar energy. The batteries get to provide all the energy needed to propel the yacht without straining on other appliances. You can get to relax and watch some television, listen to music and do a load of other fun activities. One would think that the electric system might be compromised because of solar energy not being enough. However, this is not the case. The lithium batteries store enough energy to run the kitchen’s appliances.

The design was also not spared. The yachts happen to have different layouts. These five layout designs were well thought go suit the tastes of different people. It can comfortably host 12 passengers. This state-of-the-art eco-yacht has very well-designed rooms for comfort and luxury. The bedrooms are spacious and well decorated. Perhaps the master cabins are the most luxurious part of the yacht. It boasts of spanning through both hulls. Other featured rooms in the vessel include a galley, a saloon that is cosy and dining area that is very equipped and spacious.

This is a step in the right direction for environmental preservation. No fumes are released into the air nor are their vibrations that disturb the peaceful life under the water. The designers were proud of this achievement when they launched this eco- yacht in September at Cannes. The yacht is £1.2million worth before taxes and other deductions are made. It is right and fit to call this vessel worthy of its price. This is because its environmental benefits are more recognizable than other vessels made in the previous years.